April 5, 2020

Tips For Car Rust Treatment

Cars are now a days very expensive. Even some of them cost much more than the salary of an average American. Most Americans buy car on car loan scheme. They have to pay the money in installments for 60 or 72 months. The interest rate is very high for this e.m.i. thus the owner has to pay heavy amount in installments.

Since we are paying heavy amount for the car then its rust treatment our duty to protect them as long as possible. Foremost problem that the car suffers is the problem of rust. Either you have to prevent it or use rust products to remove rust from the body of the car.

If you say in medical terms then you can say that rust is like cancer for the car. It becomes worst when gets started and slowly spreads to entire body. The body of the car is made of metal sheet and we all know that metals are prone to get rusted. Rust is seen in areas like extreme weather, moisture or road side salt used in the winter climate.

There are various ways to have treatment against rust and it can be cured if proper care is taken.

Though the vehicle sheet metal is covered with thin coat of primer paint but this is not enough. Roadside dirt, debris or even hail is enough to damage this thin coat. Even the small scratch on the body will make the body naked to the environment. Then moisture, salt of the atmosphere will come in contact with the naked part of the metal body. Oxidation of the metal will start. This chemical reaction on the metal is known as rust. In Chemistry rust is nothing less than simply loss of electron for which the metal gets weak which helps more in rusting.

It is always recommended that you should clean and wax the car in every two week. Carefully observe the body parts of the car from where rust can start. Look for the scratches, nicks and dings which caused some naked part in the body of the paint. Take special care for this part so that rust can’t be started in this area. Cover these naked parts and seal them so that moisture can’t come in contact with the metal body. Touch up paint is best suitable for this situation. Chose the best suitable touch up paint which matches your car color and use it over the affected area. These can act as effective rust treatment for the car. As first-aid you can also use nail polish. In small scratch area toothpick is always a better option than included brush for the touch up paint.

Most important thing is for rust treatments always go to an automotive dealer. The way they will give treatment to the car rust is not comparable with the way you will treat the car rust at home. Their treatment will always be better. They can give you the best color matches with the car color. So the exact paint will again give the car new look.

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