April 5, 2020

Cisco CCNA / CCNP Certification Tutorial: Frame Relay End-To-End Keep lives


Among the first things that you heard about Frame is the LMI also functions as a keep alive, or even a heartbeat – and when three successive LMIs are missed, the line protocol goes down. There is a limit to LMI as a keep alive. The LMI is traded between the DCE that was nearest and the DTE. The LMI is a keep alive that doesn’t reflect any problems. More info https://www.examreactor.com/

Accepting the LMI notion to the upcoming logical level, Frame Relay End-To-End Keep lives (FREEK, among those least-heard Cisco acronyms for some reason) are utilized to confirm that endpoint-to-endpoint communications are still working correctly.

Everything you need to remember concerning FREEK is that each and each PVC requires two different keep alive processes. Using a PVC, there is no promise that the route taking to acquire from R1 to R2 will be the route. 1 process is going to be used manage the answers to those requests and to send requests for advice; this is actually the side that is send. A reply is expected in a specific number of minutes when the side communicates a request. An error event is mentioned if a person isn’t obtained. The VC status is marked as down if malfunction events are listed.

The procedure which reacts to the other hand orders is the receive side. We’ve got to get some manners? FREEK has four modes. Bidirectional mode enables the send and receive procedure enabled on the router, which means that the router will automatically send requests and procedure responses (send unwanted ) and will respond to remote requests for data (get side).

Ask mode empowers only the send procedure. The router will send process answers and requests but won’t answer requests.

Response mode empowers only the receive procedure. The router will respond to requests from other routers however will commence no more requests of its own. Last response manner enables the router but no timers are set and no events are monitored.

Frame Relay End-To-End Keep alive defaults:

Two send or get mistakes have to be enrolled for the VC to be looked at down. The event window size is . The event window is the range of occasions when deciding the status of this VC considered from the router. Thus two receive or ship mistakes would need to be obtained inside 3 occasions for the VC’s event window to be looked at down.

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